To sing once is to pray twice.

St Augustine
You have arrived at a feature our web designers tell us will be ready to “go live” in the very near future. Blog for God (BFG) is engaged in a three phase roll out of what promises to become the premiere web site dedicated to advancing knowledge and interaction among present and future Believers.

The “Prayers” section includes prayer related content from well know faith leaders. Additionally we invite any person of faith to video record their presentation of a prayer from the Bible and a prayer originally authored by a historically significant religious leader such as St Augustine, St Thomas Aquinas, Charles Sturgeon, William Wilburforce etc. We also welcome self authored prayers from our users

Our goal with this BFG feature is to create a “Library of Prayers” that includes contemporary prayers and those dating back into antiquity. The Library will be searchable by topic, time period, author, etc.

If you are moved by the power of Sir Walter Raleigh’s prayer then by all means reenact it and upload it to BFG. It was in 1618, standing on the executioner’s scaffold when he said: “What matter how the head lie, if the heart be right?” There may be a BFG visitor or more who needs that message.

Or you may feel your video reenactment of the 1985 prayer Mother Teresa offered at the United Nations could advance the knowledge of God for many BFG visitors and bring them closer to God. After all it was Mother Teresa that said: “Prayer makes the heart large enough until it can contain God’s gift of himself.”

Wouldn’t it fill your heart with joy knowing God has used your prayer presented on BFG to touch, in a powerful way countless individuals all over the world?

Regardless of your choice, when this department is fully functional you will be able to easily upload your video reenactment absolutely FREE. We invite you to video record as many of these Bible and historically significant prayers as you would like. We anticipate these reenactments will be a great encouragement to all and will aid individuals worldwide in their faith walk. It is our prayer that God will use these reenactments in a mighty way to advance the knowledge of God and interaction among His children.

Although we have made great progress readying this department, it is not too late for you to play a role in shaping its final incarnation.

Therefore, we invite you to tell us about any specific prayer you would love to reenact. We welcome any suggestions about any feature that we should include as part of this department. Also we are especially keen on knowing what favorite Bible prayer or famous prayers you feel deserve special consideration for reenactment. And please do not hesitate to recommend to us a particular member of the clergy, lay person or celebrity who you would like to see reenacting your suggested Famous Prayer. Click Suggestion Box now to help us in this way.

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