God cannot give us a happiness and peace apart from Himself, because it is not there.

C.S. Lewis
You have arrived at a feature our web designers tell us will be ready to “go live” in the very near future. Blog for God (BFG) is engaged in a three phase roll out of what promises to become the premiere web site dedicated to advancing knowledge and interaction among present and future Believers.

The “Famous Conversions” area provides an opportunity for present day individuals to video record their discussion(s) about historically significant individuals and their conversion from non believer to believer. We at BFG are currently creating a “Library of Famous Conversions” dating back to antiquity. The Library will be searchable by the name of the famous person, time periods, etc. We will provide background information about the person becoming a believer and the circumstances surrounding their conversion.

Individual conversions to Christianity for inclusion in this department might include John Newton (the former Slave Ship Captain who authored Amazing Grace), Blaise Pascal (the French Philosopher), Constantine (who put Rome’s mark of approval on Christianity).

Perhaps your recounting of how C.S. Lewis became a believer (a die-hard atheist until 31) would inspire countless believers to reaffirm their devotion to a faith filled life and encourage many non-believers to reconsider their untenable position of un-belief.

You might want to tell the incredible story of St. Francis of Assisi’s conversion.

Or many might be moved by your discussion about movie director John Woo’s conversion to Christ. Most “Mission Impossible” fans would be surprised to discover he is a Lutheran.

Regardless of your choice, when this department is live you will be able to easily upload your video presentation absolutely FREE. We invite you to recreate as many of these presentations about famous conversions as you would like. We anticipate they will be a great encouragement to all and will aid individuals worldwide in their faith walk. It is our prayer that God will use these testimonials to advance the knowledge of God and interaction among His children.

Although we have made great progress readying this department, it is not too late for you to play a role in shaping its final incarnation.

Therefore, we invite you to tell us about any Famous Conversion you would love to make the topic of your video presentation or see others do take on as a video project.

We welcome any suggestions about any feature that we should include at BFG. Also we are especially keen on knowing what Famous Conversions you feel deserve special consideration for inclusion. And please do not hesitate to recommend to us a particular member of the clergy, lay person or celebrity who you would like to see discussing his or her favorite “Famous Conversion” story. Click/tap on Suggestions now to help us in this way.

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